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I live and work in London and my art is work in the medium of watercolours, mixed media and printmaking. I am stimulated by colour and the use of blending techniques in the watercolour medium, I very much like to use texture and mixed media in my art practice. 

My ongoing artistic inspiration is from my personal experience of walking in the UK and Europe. I find that the experience I gain from this activity informs the work I produce. The mood and atmosphere of a place provides the stimulation for the watercolours and prints.

I very much enjoy traveling and in recent years I have visited Japanese gardens in NW America and in Japan. I am interested in Japanese gardens and their influence worldwide on public and private gardens. 

My current art practice involves watercolours, mixed media and printmaking in the form of monoprints. Colour and the use of layering as in the medium of watercolours with collage I find very stimulating.

I hope to continue in my development with my forthcoming residency on the Japanese island of Kyushu.