The Third Week on my stay at Studio Kura

I have spent the week trying to keep warm as the weather has now turned cold and so this has not helped in my plan to work on large pieces in the unheated studio. 


Last weekend I took a break from this studio to visit Nagasaki, a city with a long history of Christian and Western trade. I stayed overnight and I very much enjoyed my stay in a western style hotel overlooking the harbour. The train journey was interesting and a very comfortable experience.

On Sunday I visited the Dejima area which was the designated area for foreigners to live and trade. I then walked the Glover Garden and visited the preserved western style buildings built by British tea merchants and industrial engineers. 

I spent the afternoon in the peace park and visited the centre of the atomic bomb that killed so many people. I enjoyed traveling around on the tram cars and my last visit was to the Catholic shrine of the 26 Martyrs. The story was filmed by Martin Scorsese. Silence was the title of the film. On the site of the shrine was a museum which contains artefacts and documents relating to the long suppression of Christianity.


Nagasaki Harbour  


Western style houses alongside the Hollander Slope


The gardens of the Western Style houses


Camillas in bloom alongside roses in the topsy turvy world of Japan


The view of Nagasaki city from the Glover Garden


Carp in the fishpond of Glover Garden


One of the preserved houses in Glover gaden


A fountain in the peace park was one of the first monuments to be built to represent that the bomb victims were desperate for water. 


The original peace monument with new monument donated from around the world placed in the garden. 


The site of the bomb centre which was a direct hit on the Cathederal which has seen been rebuilt on a new site.