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"A Sense of Space" joint exhibition Helen Brown and Johanna Freudenberg

Artists Statement

In their joint exhibition “A Sense of Space” Helen Brown and Johanna Freudenberg are exploring associations, both material and intangible with, location. Images are reduced to their essential components to add intensity to our experiences of personally meaningful physical spaces.

Helen Brown’s work stems from a prolonged period spent last year at the print making workshop Studio Kura on the island of Khysu in Japan, where she was inspired by a local garden, traditionally constructed and housing the bones of ancestors. Its reductive simplicity fused the family’s personal history with ancient conventions of garden space. Helen’s work further reduces imagery to find those fundamental moments that distill the larger experience.

Helen’s twenty year association with the London Print Studios has enabled her to do courses and to use their specialist printing presses as part of their open access studio sessions. She has a longstanding interest in walking in the landscape, and in gardening, and has a Japanese garden at home, and maintains a thriving allotment.


Johanna Freudenberg’s collages and reliefs 2014-2017 are a body of abstract work undertaken by a primarily figurative painter. Their titles place the viewer in seemingly 3 dimensional locations, full of geometrical shapes winding and turning suggestively on their axes. The viewer is invited to share associations, some wry, some timely, and often with a connection to urban life.

Johanna worked as a garden designer for many years and continues to garden avidly at home. She has made several series of figurative painted collages which place people in their singular landscapes to demonstrate the significant connection, most recently, “Visions and Vistas: Cornish Saints in the Landscape”, and “Latin American Myths and Legends.”

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